Self reflection

15 ways to elevate your spiritual, mental and emotional levels

15 Ways to Increase your growth spiritually, mentally & emotionally

It’s important to check in with yourself. When you feel off balance, try one of these to recharge yourself instantly.


  • Write a gratitude list daily
  • Meditate for 5 minutes. Use a guided meditation if you’re a newbie.
  • Burn sage when you’re feeling funky
  • Do something nice for someone else


  • Read a new book of your fave topic monthly
  • Take a 30 minute nap
  • Map our your desired goals and action steps
  • Stretch, exercise, dance
  • Take a walk in nature and notice the elements
  • Put your phone away from a couple hours


  • Light candles and take a bubble bath
  • Make peace with that person
  • Seek a therapist or coach to work through your emotional blocks/limiting beliefs
  • Write a celebrations list of things you’ve done that bring you joy
  • Spend time with someone that makes you laugh
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31 Things I’ve Learned since turning 31

This October I turned 31. This list is just an excuse to share some of my thoughts cause that’s what I like to do ūüôā Feel free to share your own.

  1. If you don’t love yourself enough to walk away from toxicity, it will follow you like the plague. In forms of energy, people, habits, etc.
  2. Your life is a reflection of your perception of yourself.
  3. People who hurt you are hurt themselves. It’s never really about you. It is a reflection of how they feel inside.
  4. One day you will learn not to care so much about what other people say or think about you. That is the most liberating feeling.
  5. Vulnerability is a superpower. It takes more courage to express your feels than to hide.
  6. You never truly know what someone else is going through so it is important to think before you lash out. Be kind.
  7. No one is coming to rescue you. And if they do, you will never learn how to swim on your own.
  8. Life can be much more simple. If we want something different, we have to do something different. It is all energy that needs to be shifted.
  9. Looking outside of yourself for answers will always lead to more questions.
  10. Nothing goes according to how you imagine it and that’s a good thing cause you ALWAYS end up where you need to be.
  11. All fruitful relationships, including friendships require mutual energy. You need to put the work in to make it grow.
  12. Energy does not lie. Pay attention to how you feel around a person, in a place/situation. It will tell you everything you need to know.
  13. No matter how many times you replay a scenario, you don’t have a time machine. Stop wasting your time thinking about how you could have done better and focus on how you can kick ass tomorrow.
  14. Seeking help doesn’t make you weak. It means you are striving to be your best. Aint nothing wrong with that.
  15. Standing up for yourself will make you feel uncomfortable around people who don’t get it. Don’t waste time explaining. Just keep going.
  16. You have to strike the moment you have an idea. Waiting too long will lead to “never have I ever”…
  17. Everyone has a pattern. If you want to learn someone, pay attention to their patterns. And believe them when they show you.
  18. No one changes for others. True transformation clicks when the individual is exhausted from living a life that is not their own.
  19. Making peace with your broken pieces is probably the hardest and most healing things you can do.
  20. Don’t beat yourself up for having feelings. It does not mean you’re stupid or weak. Being a robot sucks. What you do with those feelings determines where you will end up next.
  21. Ignoring things will end with you on the floor half-shocked over how things exploded in front of your face.
  22. Success is defined by the individual. Do not allow others to dictate your decisions based on their own experiences.
  23. Love will enter your life at the oddest times. Love is not convenient. Be open.
  24. Forgiveness does not mean you have to open yourself up to the person to hurt you again. It means moving on.
  25. Being optimistic and hoping for the best is not naive, it’s healthy.
  26. Confidence is not the loudest person in the room. It can be glowing energy that is evident in silence.
  27. Don’t do anything because you think you should. That usually ends with starting over and doing as you wanted in the first place. No one should dictate your path.
  28. Sometimes looking to your past is not a bad thing. Be smart about it.
  29. Always remember you are worthy. Keep working on you and your growth. Never give up.
  30. Do what makes you happy. Everyone else is.
  31. Don’t allow your thoughts to overcome your actions. Thinking too much is a trap. Lead with grace. You got this.
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Meditation Mondays: Overcoming Obstacles

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Happy Monday!!!

Welcome to week 3 of Meditation Mondays, a new series I created for you to get your mind right for the week.

Today’s 5 minute meditation prompt is all about changing your perspective on struggle so that you can use it to move forward with your life.

If you’re going through a challenging time right now or have been recently, this is perfect for you.¬†Dive in here!

If you’re new to Meditation Mondays, check out¬†Week 1¬†and¬†Week 2 on how to clear out the clutter in your life.

Have an amazing week! You got this!



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Meditation Mondays: Clear the Clutter

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Happy May!!!!

Start off this week and new month with this meditation prompt.

This is week 2 of the new meditation series I created for you. My goal is to bust the myth that meditation isn’t for everyone. It is simply an invitation to allow yourself to be present and gain self awareness.

Remember, there is no right way to meditate. Do what feels right for you. Check out my previous post for meditation benefits and week 1 if you missed out.


Good vibes always,


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17 Ways to Love Yourself

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LISTEN to this post in audio. It goes more in depth. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Say no. To excuses. To people who don’t value you. To plans that don’t thrill you. Say ¬†no.
  2. Create boundaries. It’s an act of self love. Boundaries are a healthy way of stating your needs.
  3. Carve out one day to do whatever the heck you wanna do. No excuses. No chores. No to do lists.
  4. Infuse daily inspiring rituals into your routine.
  5. Mean what you say. Whether we realize it or not, our words are powerful. Don’t send mixed messages to others by saying things you don’t actually mean.
  6. Make a list of your strengths. Whip out that list on days you are feeling less than stellar.
  7. Spend time in your safe space.
  8. Finally unpack that (emotional) baggage you’ve been carrying around.
  9. Work on passion goals you’ve been putting on the back burner.
  10. Continuously work on your growth.
  11. Stop saying “it’s not a big deal” when it clearly means something to you or “I’m fine” when you’re really not.
  12. Create art. Art isn’t only about painting or arts & crafts.
  13. Take a trip alone to explore somewhere you’ve been wanting to visit.
  14. Ask for help when you need it.
  15. Allow yourself to break down instead of staying strong all the time.
  16. Nurture the relationships that are important to you.
  17. Go after your dreams. Give yourself permission to do the unthinkable. The impossible. All of those ideas you have for a reason. Pursue them with curiosity.

Good vibes always,


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6 Reasons to Join a Virtual Book Club

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1. It’s an investment in yourself. The more you put into yourself, the more you will be open to receiving.

2. The support! We are all going through it and life gets so much easier when you have genuine people who are rooting for you because they are on their own good vibes journey.

3. Free Accountability Partners. We all know we are more likely to do something when we have someone following up with us. Not only will I be your personal cheerleader, I encourage you all to take initiative and check in with other members of this group.

4. Knowledge is power! We are what we surround ourselves with. Not only will we learn concepts and tools to help us, we will learn from each other’s struggles and encouragement.

5. It’s convenient. I’ve tried to start book clubs with no success because people have conflicting schedules. Since this group is virtual, we can meet anytime on the go. It is super easy.

6. It’s an act of self care. This isn’t going to be some stuff book club. My goal is for this to be something you look forward to. A place where we can discuss chapter topics and how it impacts our real lives.

All of this being said, head over to my Facebook group, Fierce Book Club for Creators of Personal Transformation if you love reading and have a passion for diving deep into your journey of healing and transformation. You will also get opportunities to be coached by me.

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Good Vibes Always,


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Meditation Mondays: New Series!

** Please listen to THIS recording I made for you. It is less than 5 minutes and will guide you to get started.

Meditation is simply allowing yourself the space to listen to your intuition. It’s a great tool to get the clarity you need and I created this series to introduce you to this practice so you can reap the benefits. Like I said this is a practice¬†and so the more you do it the easier it will become.

Meditation Truths:

  • It is a great tool for clarity. We are naturally intuitive and know exactly what we need. It is a matter of quieting the chaos around you and listening to your own truth.
  • It is less complicated than you think. There is no right way to meditate. All you need is yourself and some quiet (put on headphones and listen to whatever music is soothing to you if you can’t get to a quiet place.
  • Meditation reduces stress. Stress and anxiety stems from worrying about the unknown. Learning to truly listen to your inner voice allows you the space to work out any trouble areas.
  • It may¬†be uncomfortable at first.¬†We are so used to going through the motions in life that we rarely stop and actually focus on being present with our bodies, our feelings. Things will probably come up for you that make you feel uncomfortable. It’s okay because growth happens in the darkness. The quiet space. Darkness is simply what we have not given light to. The words we wish to speak. The truths we wish to hear. The goals we want to go after but are afraid of.
  • Meditation grants you self awareness. You will learn so much about yourself because meditation gives you messages you’ve been avoiding or not paying attention to.
  • It is a gateway to receive messages from your spirit, inner voice, intuition, God, whatever power you believe in. In meditation I receive messages from God to guide me in my purpose.

My fave meditation tools (totally optional):

  • Cooling¬†Eucalyptus candle¬†(TJ Maxx usually has them for less than $7)
  • Mornings with God journal by¬†Angel Richardson¬†(My mentor created this guided meditation journal and I absolutely love it to keep my meditations intentional. Every day has a specific topic and prayer.)
  • Journals with quotes like this¬†one¬†(It’s good to jot down ideas and wisdom that come to you during meditation so you can reflect later)
  • Crystals – I LOVE how beautiful they are and how different stones hold different meanings. Crystals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. They are natural, as we are. ¬†Everything holds as much meaning as you allow yourself to believe.¬†This¬†is one of my faves.