17 ways to make 2017 YOUR year

  1. Join a group. Community is the foundation of any success. Unity. Support. If you want this year to be grand, find your people. The people who want to build a better life for themselves. The people who get you.
  2. Give your closet a makeover. It’s time for a life revamp and that starts with the things you choose to cloth yourself with daily.
  3. Take yourself on a date. Before you can pour into others, you have to make sure you are taken care of.  Moments spent alone doing what you love gives you time to replenish and restore so you can return to the world kicking ass. 
  4. Cook dinner for your family. Every family has it’s ahem quirks. Find out more about where you came from. Express gratitude to those who have been part of your journey from the jump.
  5. Stop saying yes to invitations that make you cringe. You don’t have time to waste energy where it is not needed. 
  6. Volunteer. Helping others is beneficial for you and the person you help. Get out there. Someone needs you.
  7. Tell the truth to every single person you encounter for one whole day. Sounds a lot easier than it is. Try it. It’s liberating. And remember courage and kindness. It is all in your delivery.
  8. Start a new project. That thing you’ve been wanting to try…NOW is the time. If not now, when?
  9. Write your future self a love letter. Victoria Beckham wrote her teen self a letter which sparked this idea. Express how you feel in this very moment about your life journey so far.
  10. Keep a journal. Even if you aren’t a writer, I urge you to keep a recording of your moments. I am not talking about a “dear diary, this and that happened…” type of thing unless that is what you’re into. I have approached journal writing differently in the last few years. I write down aha moments I’ve had and words that came to mind during times of struggle. This did 2 things for me: reminded me that everything is temporary and a solution is right around the corner. And the second thing is the importance of gratitude. Being thankful for everything, the good, the bad and the craze will change your life because it is all apart of your journey. 
  11. Feed your mind, body, spirit with positivity. Listen to this. Look at my Pinterest board for some fierce motivation. For empowering reads, check this Amazon list I created for you. Watch this video. It’s my love letter to your for this year.
  12. Dance in your room naked. Yuppp. It’s time to get comfortable with what you’re working with. Please close your window shades. No need to broadcast your greatness in that moment.
  13. Take a class to learn something new. Learning new things will lead to growth in all areas of your life. 
  14. Make peace with your with your past. There is no way you can make this your year if you keep revisiting past hurt, regrets and distractions. Move forward boo. There is a beautiful path ahead of you and you will never see it if you keep looking down. 
  15. Go to sleep an hour earlier. Life is so much easier when you aren’t cranky.
  16. Take a chance. Reality is this life is too short and there is no time like the present to being passionate about everything that makes your heart smile.
  17. Think about who you want to be. Forget lists of things you want to accomplish. Think about the person you want to be and what actions you can take to be that person. Not who you think you should be. Who you already are inside. You just have to remove the blocks in place. 

This is YOUR year. Put yourself out there. Look silly. Be you.








One response to “17 ways to make 2017 YOUR year”

  1. Catty-Eyed Avatar

    I love this!! All amazing things to try this year.

    Catherine Taveras E: taveras.cat@gmail.com T: (786) 877-6353


Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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