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Hey Beauties,
I know it’s been a while. I decided to relaunch the Vow to be Fierce blog and my goal is to be more consistent. Mostly, I use Instagram (@vowtobefierce) as my outlet to provide content. Honestly, because it’s convenient and I can post on the go at any time.
A lot has changed in this last year and I am shifting priorities. I want to build a more stable platform for you because you are what is important. The  reason I share pieces of me and personal development tips and tools is because I want you to succeed in life. I believe in each and every one of you whether I know you personally or not. I wholeheartedly believe we are each capable of creating a life with balance that feels right for us.
Oh, if you’re not already receiving my Fierce Love Letters, click here to receive soulful letters every week to your email. These love letters are very dear to me. It’s a chance for me to share with you in a more intimate way. These letters are meant to give you support, everyday tips and tools to living your most authentic life. You can always hit reply to the email with comments and questions.
I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can introduce personal development to people who are not really familiar with it. My idea of personal growth is really looking within ourselves and uncovering layers that no longer serve the life we want to live. We can get so caught up with going through the motions of life we forget to check in with ourselves. Sometimes we get lost in the sauce and wonder how we got ourselves there.
The key to living a happy life is self awareness and acceptance. You may be asking how the heck do I achieve that? Well, it’s less about achieving something and more about uncovering who you really are. Once you have a good sense of who you are, you start making decisions that propel your forward not hold you back.
This journey is not about your mama, your boyfriend or anyone else. This is about you. Asking yourself deep questions and taking action towards things that actually bring you joy will lead to more authenticity.
One way to increase self awareness is through reading.
Successful people have in common the passion and dedication for reading. There is no better way to soak up knowledge.
What better way to transition into September than to refocus your brain by reading books that inspire and motivate you to living a life with more purpose, growth, success and less guilt, shame, anger, distraction.
So here are the deets of The Fierce Book Club:
  • One book per month – financial, spiritual or personal development themed
  • Weekly discussions via the blog comments
  • Favorite quote highlights
  • About the Author
  • Coach questions
  • Growth strategies  – how to apply topics to your everyday life
This book club is for you if you:
– are a fierce warrior who has been through a lot and tired of operating in survival
– are interested in learning new ways you can deal with life’s challenges and how
   to improve your relationship with yourself and loved ones.
– struggle with speaking up and/or setting boundaries with others
– feel stuck and ready for a change but don’t know what the next step is
– want to wake up feeling like you are closer to your goals than you were yesterday
– you’re interested in learning more about yourself and what makes you tick
– you have always wanted to join a book club but thought it was too nerdy or didn’t
   want to commit to a specific time frame.
Introducing our first book…
Successful People Are Full of C.R.A.P (Courage, Resilience, Authenticity, Perseverance) by Rachel Luna 
You can get the book here.
To stay updated on book club posts, enter your email here.
I just want to say a big thank you to those of you who have been journey with me from day one and continue to support the Vow to be Fierce movement.
Cheers to continuing to inspire and motivate each other!



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One response to “Blog Relaunch”

  1. migente66 Avatar

    You are an inspiration to myself and I’m sure to others who struggle with everyday life stuff.

    Fearless 💜

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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