17 Fierce Healthy Choices for 2017

  1. Remove the word “terrible” from your vocabulary. Our words are so powerful. Choose them carefully. We tend to attract what we speak.
  2. Make a decision without constantly questioning whether you made the right choice.
  3. Handle your financial biz. Get organized about your bills and finances. You can’t expect to increase your bank account without clearing out your baggage aka debt.
  4. Go on a date with someone who is not your type if you’re single. If you’re coupled, take your boo on an eccentric date. One rule: there are no rules.
  5. Shake up your style a bit. If you’re normally all black everything, add some bold colors to your wardrobe. If you usually go for funky patterns then try a more streamlined look. See how you feel.
  6. Try meditating. Trust me when I say meditating can be for everyone. I used to sit in silence and get anxious because I couldn’t stay still without overanalyzing which kind of defeated the purpose. You can do guided meditations, listen to soothing music or repeat a soothing word to keep you focused. The point of meditation is to get in tune with your intuition. All of those questions you want answers to. You already have them. You have to be open to listening. Check out this post for more meditation tips.
  7. Strengthen your communication skills. Communication is the key to stronger relationships. You can read books, watch videos, practice with a friend, take a class. Writing your feelings down can give you clarity on communicating what you want another person to hear. It also allows you the time to come up with a good delivery. Speak your truth with courage and kindness.
  8. Express gratitude everyday. Yes, every single day. We spend so much time thinking about where we need to be in life that we forget to give thanks for where are now. Your experiences are shaping you. Even when things don’t seem the greatest, pay attention because there is a lesson to learn. I am soo grateful for the people in my life and the fact that regardless of how many times I struggle I am sent so many blessings to help me.
  9. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. You never truly know what someone is going through. If someone rubbed you the wrong way, maybe they are struggling with something which can cause anyone to act funky. And then sometimes people are just plain rude. Either way, try not to jump to conclusions.
  10. Take 5 minutes every night to tidy up before going to sleep. It may seem small but this task alone makes you feel productive and more at ease.
  11. Take a friend on a date for absolutely no reason but to celebrate them.
  12. Check in with yourself daily. We can get caught up in the crazy of our lives that we just go through the motions. We are not robots so it’s important to take a minute and catch up with our feelings. Ask yourself how you are doing and if there is anything that needs to be acknowledged before moving forward.
  13. Forgive. Have you heard that saying that forgiveness is more for you than the other person? Well, it’s for all parties involved. We walk around with so much guilt, shame and anger. It becomes like a ton of bricks. One day you won’t be able to go anywhere because you’ve blocked yourself in negative emotion. It’s time to let someone off the hook, even if that someone is you.
  14. Protect yourself. Be very selective of the people you allow in your space. We have all learned the hard way. Trust is important but that doesn’t mean everyone deserves yours.
  15. Cook more! It’s cheaper, healthier and you actually know what’s going into your body.
  16. Set realistic goals. I am not saying to minimize your dreams. Just the opposite. Think big and do bigger. Set yourself up for success by setting smaller attainable goals which will inspire you to keep going.
  17. Get honest with yourself. That thing you’ve been avoiding to think or speak about…it’s time.






Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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