Meditation Mondays: New Series!

** Please listen to THIS recording I made for you. It is less than 5 minutes and will guide you to get started.

Meditation is simply allowing yourself the space to listen to your intuition. It’s a great tool to get the clarity you need and I created this series to introduce you to this practice so you can reap the benefits. Like I said this is a practice and so the more you do it the easier it will become.

Meditation Truths:

  • It is a great tool for clarity. We are naturally intuitive and know exactly what we need. It is a matter of quieting the chaos around you and listening to your own truth.
  • It is less complicated than you think. There is no right way to meditate. All you need is yourself and some quiet (put on headphones and listen to whatever music is soothing to you if you can’t get to a quiet place.
  • Meditation reduces stress. Stress and anxiety stems from worrying about the unknown. Learning to truly listen to your inner voice allows you the space to work out any trouble areas.
  • It may be uncomfortable at first. We are so used to going through the motions in life that we rarely stop and actually focus on being present with our bodies, our feelings. Things will probably come up for you that make you feel uncomfortable. It’s okay because growth happens in the darkness. The quiet space. Darkness is simply what we have not given light to. The words we wish to speak. The truths we wish to hear. The goals we want to go after but are afraid of.
  • Meditation grants you self awareness. You will learn so much about yourself because meditation gives you messages you’ve been avoiding or not paying attention to.
  • It is a gateway to receive messages from your spirit, inner voice, intuition, God, whatever power you believe in. In meditation I receive messages from God to guide me in my purpose.

My fave meditation tools (totally optional):

  • Cooling Eucalyptus candle (TJ Maxx usually has them for less than $7)
  • Mornings with God journal by Angel Richardson (My mentor created this guided meditation journal and I absolutely love it to keep my meditations intentional. Every day has a specific topic and prayer.)
  • Journals with quotes like this one (It’s good to jot down ideas and wisdom that come to you during meditation so you can reflect later)
  • Crystals – I LOVE how beautiful they are and how different stones hold different meanings. Crystals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. They are natural, as we are.  Everything holds as much meaning as you allow yourself to believe. This is one of my faves.


7 responses to “Meditation Mondays: New Series!”

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    Thank yo so much for sharing my book, Kayla!! xo!!!

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      I LOVE your book. I wanted to share it so others can be encouraged as well! Xoxo

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