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31 Things I’ve Learned since turning 31

This October I turned 31. This list is just an excuse to share some of my thoughts cause that’s what I like to do 🙂 Feel free to share your own.

  1. If you don’t love yourself enough to walk away from toxicity, it will follow you like the plague. In forms of energy, people, habits, etc.
  2. Your life is a reflection of your perception of yourself.
  3. People who hurt you are hurt themselves. It’s never really about you. It is a reflection of how they feel inside.
  4. One day you will learn not to care so much about what other people say or think about you. That is the most liberating feeling.
  5. Vulnerability is a superpower. It takes more courage to express your feels than to hide.
  6. You never truly know what someone else is going through so it is important to think before you lash out. Be kind.
  7. No one is coming to rescue you. And if they do, you will never learn how to swim on your own.
  8. Life can be much more simple. If we want something different, we have to do something different. It is all energy that needs to be shifted.
  9. Looking outside of yourself for answers will always lead to more questions.
  10. Nothing goes according to how you imagine it and that’s a good thing cause you ALWAYS end up where you need to be.
  11. All fruitful relationships, including friendships require mutual energy. You need to put the work in to make it grow.
  12. Energy does not lie. Pay attention to how you feel around a person, in a place/situation. It will tell you everything you need to know.
  13. No matter how many times you replay a scenario, you don’t have a time machine. Stop wasting your time thinking about how you could have done better and focus on how you can kick ass tomorrow.
  14. Seeking help doesn’t make you weak. It means you are striving to be your best. Aint nothing wrong with that.
  15. Standing up for yourself will make you feel uncomfortable around people who don’t get it. Don’t waste time explaining. Just keep going.
  16. You have to strike the moment you have an idea. Waiting too long will lead to “never have I ever”…
  17. Everyone has a pattern. If you want to learn someone, pay attention to their patterns. And believe them when they show you.
  18. No one changes for others. True transformation clicks when the individual is exhausted from living a life that is not their own.
  19. Making peace with your broken pieces is probably the hardest and most healing things you can do.
  20. Don’t beat yourself up for having feelings. It does not mean you’re stupid or weak. Being a robot sucks. What you do with those feelings determines where you will end up next.
  21. Ignoring things will end with you on the floor half-shocked over how things exploded in front of your face.
  22. Success is defined by the individual. Do not allow others to dictate your decisions based on their own experiences.
  23. Love will enter your life at the oddest times. Love is not convenient. Be open.
  24. Forgiveness does not mean you have to open yourself up to the person to hurt you again. It means moving on.
  25. Being optimistic and hoping for the best is not naive, it’s healthy.
  26. Confidence is not the loudest person in the room. It can be glowing energy that is evident in silence.
  27. Don’t do anything because you think you should. That usually ends with starting over and doing as you wanted in the first place. No one should dictate your path.
  28. Sometimes looking to your past is not a bad thing. Be smart about it.
  29. Always remember you are worthy. Keep working on you and your growth. Never give up.
  30. Do what makes you happy. Everyone else is.
  31. Don’t allow your thoughts to overcome your actions. Thinking too much is a trap. Lead with grace. You got this.

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Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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