The VTBF movement and ways to work with me

The Vow to be Fierce® community means so much to me. This energetic act of self love was birthed in 2014 from a place of yearning for healing and transformation in my own life. In 2014, I also became a life coach and began my process of dipping into my spiritual purpose. Along the way, I have learned so much. I have cried and released so many things that has been holding back from shining my light. I have learned to embrace my shadow self and make her my bestie. We still fight sometimes but I’m listening and integrating. I wouldn’t really call myself a coach anymore. It feels somewhat limiting. The label does not fully resonate with me as I am evolving as we all are. I am truly a teacher and student of this journey called life. I believe we are all leaders and have been called to use our gifts to heal ourselves and help others along the way.

Leading with love is a core value of mine because I know how this life journey can lead to bitterness and hopeless. Also, a big part of my why is my daughter. SHE is truly a light of love. I want to lead by example and show her what us warriors are capable of. We don’t need to harden up just because life brings us storms. We need to become the storm and continue on with our missions.

I infuse my work with all of the tools I have picked up along the way including Reiki healing, intuitive readings, consulting and teaching is where I can’t even explain to you how lit up I get when serving in this space. It always feels like home. Like this is where I’m meant to be. More importantly, and this is for you to remember for your own purpose.

Your purpose is your own. It can never be taken from you. Your lane has been carved for you. It’s your blank canvas to blossom into as you see fit. The journey will change. It will challenge you. It will transform you. It will make you wanna scream, cry, laugh, smile, all the things. Go through it.

Keep going cause the scars you pick up along the way are simply reminders of your resilience. Of the warrior within you. So celebrate your wins and your lessons. They are pieces to your puzzle. Use your story to help others along the way. YOU are your purpose.

Ways to work with me

Many of you have reached out about working with me one on one. Here are some of my current offerings. And stay tuned cause December 1st – a big announcement is coming!!! I accept Paypal, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle. Reach out to me directly for payment plans where indicated below. There is a holiday special below for a 1:1 coffee date to dive into all twelve months of 2022 and the impact it may have in your life. Reach out to me directly about discounts through 12/15 regarding all other offerings.

Holiday offering – through December 15th: 1:1 coffee date to look at your year ahead.

This is a 1:1 Zoom session with me where we tap into 2022 energy and see what themes may come up for you for EACH month. We will touch on self care practices, opportunities to tap into and some challenges to look out for. I want you readyyyyy for 2022. It’s gonna be magical!!!!
Holiday fare: $66. After 12/15: $111
This is gonna be fiiiiiire. I launched the Phoenix Rising workshop in October and it was so powerful for me as the facilitator but more importantly for all of the amazing souls that attended. We cry, laugh and release together. In doing this work, I realized and LISTENED to all of the feedback to bring the workshop back. The one day 3 hour workshop has transformed into a 4 week experience. This includes 4 weekly LIVE Zoom classes, sisterhood support, workbooks and some recorded content. This is open only to those who feel aligned with my energy and who TRULY need the work. This is about you and your journey. Let’s do thissss together in a sacred space with other aligned individuals. I will go live on Instagram to let you in on more deets.
Fare: one time payment $333 or
3 – $111 monthly payments or
6 – $55.55 payments
This is a sacred partnership. Work with me 1:1 for 3 months on allllll the things you would like to dive into. Some sessions might include reiki healing, meditation and prayer, soul homework and or just serious girl talk getting down to the nitty gritty to help you release and transform into the FIERCEST you. This is customizable to each client to honor the uniqueness of your needs and desires.
Dm me at @mskaylacordero on Instagram or email me at Kayla@vowtobefierce.com.
Payment plans available.
This is my most popular request. This 1:1 session is via Zoom. We usually start off with a grounding meditation and dive into whichever topic(s) you are seeking clarity on. A lot of people usually desire a session and don’t even know why until we are deep into the session. Come as you are.
Fare: $77 Once you submit payment, dm me to schedule session.

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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