Ways to work with me

Hey! Welcome to my lil corner. My name is Kayla Cordero, Intuitive Life Coach and creator of the Vow to be Fierce movement. It lights me up to connect with you and guide you on your journey of breathing, speaking and being in your truth. I believe you were led here for a reason…

I’m very vibey. I’m a crystals, coffee, and kindness kinda gal. If you rock with getting deep and leveling up, you’re in the right space.

Here are some services I provide. You can reach me at Kayla@vowtobefierce.com with any questions.

We hop on Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp and dive deep. I pull some cards and share what comes through. This is helpful if you want clarity on something or feel stuck and looking for guidance. This session usually lasts about an hour. You can book a session here.

Soulful Coaching:

90 minute dive deeper into a specific topic or area or question you have in your life. Judgement free support zone. Customized to each client. Book your session here.

If you feel called to work with me 1:1 on a more in depth, long term level, I have customized packages available. Please email me at kayla@vowtobefierce.com to learn more.