The VTBF movement and ways to work with me

The Vow to be Fierce® community means so much to me. This energetic act of self love was birthed in 2014 from a place of yearning for healing and transformation in my own life. In 2014, I also became a life coach and began my process of dipping into my spiritual purpose. Along the way,… Continue reading The VTBF movement and ways to work with me

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15 ways to elevate your spiritual, mental and emotional levels

It's important to check in with yourself. When you feel off balance, try one of these to recharge yourself instantly. Spiritually: Write a gratitude list daily Meditate for 5 minutes. Use a guided meditation if you're a newbie. Burn sage when you're feeling funky Do something nice for someone else Mentally: Read a new book… Continue reading 15 ways to elevate your spiritual, mental and emotional levels

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Meditation Mondays: Elevate Your Mind

Hello my lovelies!!! Meditation Mondays are back! Listen to this week's 5 minute meditation. It is POWERFUL. Gift yourself about 10 minutes this Monday to jumpstart your week. This week's affirmations: "I am capable of handling anything that comes my way." "I turn my pain into purpose." "I face my fears head on because I know my… Continue reading Meditation Mondays: Elevate Your Mind

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Meditation Mondays: Overcoming Obstacles

Happy Monday!!! Welcome to week 3 of Meditation Mondays, a new series I created for you to get your mind right for the week. Today's 5 minute meditation prompt is all about changing your perspective on struggle so that you can use it to move forward with your life. If you're going through a challenging… Continue reading Meditation Mondays: Overcoming Obstacles