January 2023 SpiritScopes

Read your rising, sun and moon signs. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Aries – protective shields up. There may be a lot going on around you and you could be picking up that energy. Quiet the chaos around you and go in. Tapping into prayer and meditation could be beneficial for you in this time. Do not move too quickly. Take the time to slow down and rest. Go at your own pace. Also, be patient. There is a lot happening behind the scenes. Self care. Do the things that make you feel beautiful and at your best. Do not resist changes that are coming. They are coming for you, not against you. Journal prompt: How can I shift from wanting to control the situation to living in the present moment?

Taurus – Some things may come up for you during this month that will test your patience and strength. These are opportunities to extend grace and love to yourself and others. I heard the word shame. Something coming up from your past may be highlighted. Do not run from it. The more open you become to seeing and acknowledging, the closer you will be to healing that part. An opportunity to let go of a heavy burden will present itself. Will you choose yourself? Journal prompt: What part of me have I been afraid of addressing? How can I show unconditional love to myself?

Gemini – Confidence. True confidence is a deep sense of knowing who you are. You are pretty outwardly confident most of the time. January will be a good time to explore inner confidence. It’s not only about knowing who you are but owning and grounding into your power. Tap into your heart chakra and third eye chakra deeply this month. Listening to your intuition is key to most of your questions. You already know what to do. Journal prompt: What is within me that needs to be unveiled? How will unveiling my truth empower me?

Cancer – January 17 is a power day for you. The full moon will be in your sign. This may be an extra emotional season for you. You’re used to feeling your feelings. Now is an opportunity to channel your gift to feel and use it for good. How can you share your gifts of empathy and compassion with your community? Maybe it’s time to start a podcast and share your gifts without questioning your ability. Journal prompt: How can I show more of who I really am?

Leo – I’m feeling such light from you. I feel like dark skies are being lifted. Sun is shining through. It’s safe for you to come out of your cocoon. At your own pace. Out of thinking mode and into movement. The moves you make next will be prosperous. You’ve been waiting a long time for this. Journal prompt? What steps will I commit to taking for my own joy?

Virgo – It’s feeling a bit foggy this month. That’s okay. This month may be emotionally heavy for you. You are the key to your resolution. You have a lot more power than you think. Things aren’t always what they seem on the surface. Take your time. You will break through. Spend as much time outside as the weather permits. The cool air will bring warmth. This may sound funny or strange but that’s what I hear. Give yourself permission to open the gate. Free yourself. Journal prompt: What freedom do I seek? Go deep.

Libra – Stop procrastinating on your dreams. Whatever that may be for you. Your time is now. It always is. You need to believe you can and you will. What is that urge, that nudge that has been weighing heavy on you? There is no need to keep waiting. Go BE who you dream to be. Who you’ve always been underneath it all. Journal prompt: What is the dream in your heart? Claim it.

Scorpio – I feel joy when tapping into your energy. Expressing what’s in your heart will unlock a part of you that has been yearning to come out. Do not be afraid to fail. Failures only lead to lessons so when you try again, you are better prepared. Lean into the unknown. Journal prompt: Where is your heart leading you?

Sagittarius – Oh Sag, you have the opportunity to really shine as a leader. Not only a good leader, but a leader with a lot of wisdom to share and help others. Look at the communities and groups you belong to. Whether you realize it or not, you are influential. People look to you. You may have been thinking a lot about your impact and purpose. Follow what you know to be true for you. You are about to embark on a journey, load up on extra self care. Journal prompt: Where are you being called to serve and support others?

Capricorn – Lead by example. People are more open to listening when given the opportunity to witness without judgement. January may be a confusing time. Not everyone is like you. Stay focused on your journey. You have lots to get done. You’re a boss. Journal prompt: What are some of the things you are learning on your journey?

Aquarius – Aqua, my love, there is strength is doing nothing but focusing on the present. You do not need to worry or think ahead or try to control what’s coming. Whatever has been weighing heavy on you, know that the solution is for you to trust. Yes, the opportunity to allow everything to work out the way it’s supposed to without forcing will be highlighted for you this month. You are most powerful when you’re doing your thing in your lane. You have so much impact on the world. Be mindful of how you use your energy. Journal prompt: What have you been forcing and where can you loosen your grip?

Pisces – Gratitude. gratitude. gratitude. You’ve been yearning for peace. It’s a great time to reflect on what you truly want. What is your vision for your life? This month will be a great time to snuggle in and take comfort in the many blessings in your life. Beginning a gratitude practice may be helpful during this time. Even when it may seem like the storm will never end, there is a light shining on you. Journal prompt: What are you thankful for?







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  1. Mindy Diaz Avatar
    Mindy Diaz

    wow! Pisces! Thank you for sharing this. Wish you Peace, Love, happiness and good fortune. I Love you

    Titi Mindy

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