Fierce Love, Kindness and Speaking Your Truth.

IMG_4851I am an advocate of kindness. A small act of kindness can dramatically change someone’s life with a smile, a phone call, or a prayer.

I am a recovering people pleaser. I used to think I could be super nice or I could be mean. No in between. Two extremes. Life is not about extremes. It is about finding balance, at least that is what I strive for.

Through my journey of discovering how to speak MY truth while being true to myself, I’ve discovered a few things along the way and I want to share them with you.

Speaking of my journey, I am launching a podcast, Vow to be Fierce soon. It’s taking me a little longer to launch than expected but I’m not letting anything stop me. Timing is everything. I’m going to talk about standing up for yourself and speaking your truth with a splash of kindness.

Okay so, the key to authentic kindness is your intention. Doing something because you genuinely want goodness for someone else as simple as it may be will fill your life with goodness. You know the saying what you give is what you get in return? It’s true.

I choose to give off kind energy. Not because I expect it from other people in return but because I choose to give it to myself. The energy we give off bounces back to us.

What do you usually attract when you’re in a bad mood or feeling grouchy? How we respond to the world is a reflection of what we want to receive.

Being kind does not necessarily mean being nice all off the time. Sometimes, being kind to a person means giving them a lil “tough love” as some people may refer to it.

Or what I call Fierce love.

Fierce love is being honest with someone you love even when it’s uncomfortable.

Fierce love is letting someone live their life and make their own decisions and choosing to love them without limits, even if you don’t agree with them. Remember, you are solely responsible for your own thoughts and actions.

Fierce love is lifting someone up instead of telling them “the truth” to advance your own agenda.

Fierce love is knowing the difference between speaking your truth and being a jerk because you’re not feeling your best.

It’s all in your delivery. There is a loving way to speak your truth.

Agreeing with someone because you don’t want to ruffle feathers is not love. It’s fear. I learned this eventually.

Here are 3 questions to think about when you want to share your truth in a loving and authentic way:

1. Is what I am saying going to make the situation better?
2. Is what I am saying what I truly believe or is it coming from a place of fear?
3. Am I trying to hurt someone with what I am saying? If so, is that really coming from a loving place?

I hope you got something from this. As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest or share with someone you think would benefit from learning how to speak their truth with kindness.

I’m curious to know more about you, is it easy for you to speak your truth? Share below.



Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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