3 Things Fierce Women Do

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1. A Fierce woman holds herself accountable for her actions. She recognizes the importance of keeping her promises, especially to herself. A Fierce woman calls herself out on her own BS. When she is wrong, she acknowledges it and moves forward. She realizes that she is in control of her own actions. She is only responsible in speaking her truth in a way that feels right to her. She is not responsible for how people react to her truth.
2. A Fierce woman exudes kindness. There’s a certain warmth to her. She has a strong confidence and security in herself that she does not feel the need to be nasty to people. She is willing to help others if and when it is within her limits. A Fierce woman gives everyone a fair chance and the benefit of the doubt within reason.
3. A Fierce woman does not let anyone limit her dreaming. There are always going to be haters and people who just don’t see her potential. That’s okay. She knows that living in a way that lights her heart up is important and not shameful. Her aim is not to please others but to create an environment where she thrives in all areas of her life. A Fierce woman realizes her purpose and does not let outside factors get in her way. She sees obstacles as challenges. She uses her wins as inspiration to create more. A Fierce woman has the courage to shareher message because she knows she is meant to make a difference in some shape or form.
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6 responses to “3 Things Fierce Women Do”

  1. Eleanor McKenzie Avatar

    Great post and I love your graphic. That and the idea of a “fierce” woman. Yes, hear me roar!!!!!

    1. Kayla C Avatar

      Wooo yes we all have the roar inside us. It’s a matter of unleashing it with courage and kindness 🙂

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Love this post! I want to be a fierce woman! x

    1. Kayla C Avatar

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it

  3. Jamie Stacks Avatar

    This is fantastic! Thank you

    1. Kayla C Avatar

      You’re very welcome 🙂

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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