Celebrate All That Is Fierce About You

I truly believe being yourself is directly correlated to your happiness.  You know how you feel when you’re around a friend who truly accepts you for you and you’re not watching every word you say, worried they will think you’re nuts? That’s how you should feel around everyone in your life.

Never give the power to someone to make u feel like crap. People often belittle others to make themselves feel grand. Um No buddy, that’s not how it goes!

Just like you can’t rely on people to make u feel happy (you have to do that yourself), you can’t let anyone make you feel inferior.  Usually when someone says something mean they’re projecting their own stuff. You don’t have time for that. You are busy creating the life that makes YOU happy, whatever that may be.

Any who, I go off tangent sometimes but I’ve been thinking about ways we could celebrate our Fierce selves. Accepting and celebrating all aspects of who you are is one authentic way. All of our experiences, positive and negative, have shaped who we are so we should embrace them and move on to create the future selves we want to be.

I turned 27 this month. Yay me! Shout out to all my Libras! I decided to make a list of 27 parts of myself that add to who I am and who’ve I’ve become. If you dare, share in the comments below some things that have led you where you are, who you were, or who you’ve become.

  1. Cooking soothes me.
  2. Dancing in the shower is my fave thing to do after a long day. haha
  3. I won’t stop until I figure out a solution to a problem.
  4. Procrastination is a sneaky lil sucker I am trying to get rid of.
  5. When Eminem’s 8 mile freestyle comes on my phone I get hyped.
  6. Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the funky bunch is the only song that gets me going when exercising.
  7. I don’t know how to truly relax.
  8. Skydiving was such a freeing experience!
  9. Both of my tattoos symbolize peace and hope.
  10. I’m becoming a picky eater as I get older. For those of you who know me, I’m just as surprised as you.
  11. I watch Charmed and Buffy when I feel nostalgic.
  12. Living in San Francisco for a year would appease the free spirit in me.
  13. I prefer one on one encounters to groups.
  14. I enjoy creating vision boards and filling out questionnaires.
  15. When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, detective, teacher and psychologist.
  16. Thinking about the past gives me anxiety.
  17. I am drawn to positive fun loving personalities.
  18. It took me a looong time but I can finally say No without feeling too guilty.
  19. Planting hope and spreading inspiration is part of God’s purpose for me.
  20. I tend to root for the underdog.
  21. I believe EVERYONE has the power to change if they truly want to and put in the work it takes.
  22. I don’t have patience for rude people.
  23. I have minor OCD tendencies.
  24. Getting certified to become a life coach feels like the first real thing for myself that I’ve ever done.
  25. Setting clear boundaries and no judgement, I’ve learned are most important in any relationship.
  26. My room does not stay neat for more than 2 days 😦
  27. This list was harder to create than I initially thought.

Thanks for reading! XOXO







3 responses to “Celebrate All That Is Fierce About You”

  1. Mindy Avatar

    You are truly an inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing your post.
    I love to read it . Inspires me to do more and to be more positive!

    Keep on trucking..
    Doing a fine job…

    1. Kayla C Avatar

      Thanks for reading, you are awesome!

  2. Kaymara Avatar

    It’s always refreshing to ready your post : )! You are going to be an amazing life coach.

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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