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Fierce Challenge: Create A Vision Board

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In order to accomplish your dreams, you need to visualize them and plan accordingly. Now, could plan all you want but action is the absolute most important thing needed to get things going.

Want to design your dream home, get a kick ass new job or change your state of mind? Create a vision board! It is so much easier to accomplish something that is constantly in front of us.

How many times have you written lists of things you want to do but never really get to them or forget about them completely? I’ve done this many times. We are visual creatures and having a physical representation of what we want to achieve keeps us focused on making decisions based on our goals not on our changing emotions.

vision board, setting goals, achieving goals, magazines, DIY, creative, girls night

I got together with some friends to create our very own vision boards. We whipped out some glitter, magazines and wine (of course).  The girls and I had so much fun planning and gabbing about our hopes for the future.

black cat, pepper, vision board, DIY, magazines

Pepper wants to be one of the girls. Her goal is clearly napping.

It may sound silly at first but I challenge you to think about the things you want in your life. Not necessarily materialistic, unless that’s what floats your boat. Think of the type of life you want to live and the things that are important to you. Find images and quotes that represent those values.

A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent you and your goals. You can put anything you want to achieve or attract on your board. Ever hear of the Law of Attraction? Mary Crimmins does a great job at explaining what a vision board is and how the Law of Attraction comes into play here.

vision board, travel, photos, creative, art, magazines, frames

vision board, creative, art, DIY, setting goals, travel, girls night


What would you put on your vision board? Share in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Fierce Challenge: Create A Vision Board

  1. Kaymara says:

    Thank you for that inspiration! I’m almost finishing completing my vision board. Your blogs are always uplifting and just what I need for motivation. Please continue to post more : ).

    And to Natasha Cole, Kayla sawed me a YouTube video and a we listened to a podcast and it was great. I wrote down the questions to help evaluated my life on a day to day, keep in mind the little things and not get stuck in life’s routine. Please keep up the great work with your Go and Glow project. You ladies are amazing : ).

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