What is Fierce?

Fierce is…
Being afraid and doing it anyway.
Wearing that bright pink coat proudly. In the middle of winter.
Standing for something you wholeheartedly believe in.
Taking that trip you’ve been wanting to take forever.
Reading books at home on a Friday night without FOMO (fear of missing out)
Saying no when it is not appropriate.
Cooking a delicious meal and dancing by yourself in the middle of your living room.
Taking the plunge.
Knowing it is not only okay, but necessary to schedule time for yourself.
Speaking up about yourself.
Sharing your story.
Helping others when you can.
Knowing when to stop.
Doing whatever the hell you want.
Being comfortable in your own skin.
Eating chocolate chip cookies and not feel guilty about it. Oh, is that just me? 😉
Being kind to strangers when others are not.
Taking a class that interests you (with or without a friend).
Doing what it takes to make your dream a reality.
Showing up when you don’t feel like it.
Giving a damn of how people who matter feel.
Creating a product.
Knowing your time is valuable.
Contributing productively to the dialogue of racism.
Knowing the power of listening.
Taking responsibility of your actions.
Accepting that nothing is perfect and doing everything in your power to make your life worth waking up to every single day.
Not settling until your heart and intuition say it’s time.
Having faith.
Owning your emotions.
Being your true self in spite of what others expect you to be.

Living life unapologetically.







One response to “What is Fierce?”

  1. Natasha Cole Avatar
    Natasha Cole

    Love these! Especially about knowing the power of listening and contributing productively to the dialogue of racism.

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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