Fierce September

Fierce September

NOTEBOOKSHello September! I welcome you with excitement and curiosity. What greatness are you bringing to my life this new season? I remember looking forward to the beginning of the school year because that meant new school supplies and vowing to stay organized. The nerd in me smiles. Even though I am not in school anymore I still find reasons to buy fun notebooks and a planner that I usually end up forgetting about come October.

I am declaring September to be the month we take charge and set goals for ourselves.  This is your time to really shine. Celebrate all that is Fierce in your world. If you haven’t taken the vow, now is the time! You’ve had all summer to be lazy. Set the path for your future self. Are you excited? I am!

Ready for some homework? Before you flip out on me, hear me out. This is more like (self)work. It’s going to be fun. I promise.

SELF WORK #1: Do something spontaneous. Remember that thing you have been itching to do but never find the right time? The thing you have been wanting to do but keep finding excuses because you’re scared. DO it today! Ask that hottie on a date. Take the day off. Sign up for that art class. Turn off your phone. Whatever you do, it should be something that makes you feel happy.

Stay tuned for more Fierce tips and how to celebrate your wonderful life. We all have things to be grateful for and we do not appreciate it as often as we should. My intention for sharing this self work is for you to take steps to feel more confident, productive and happy with where your life is going.

If you decide to do something spontaneous, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please share in the comments below or email me at

Follow me on Instagram: MISSCORDERO101 and share your Fierce September experiences with #FierceSeptember.

Cheers to new beginnings,


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Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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