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3 Things to do to stay grounded during a crisis.

How to stay grounded admist

Panic over peace. This is the affirmation I keep repeating to myself in light of what’s going on in the world today. The situation is very real. However, allowing panic to take over your life is the least productive thing to do.

These things to me are very natural to do but we can all use the reminder because it is easy to get swept up in the media and all things negative.

Your physical health is linked to your mental health. We are holistic beings so it’s super important for us to remain self aware and give ourselves the TLC we need.

We will get through this like everything else before. It is a matter of how you will feel once the storm is over. You can feel grounded and powerful in scary situations. You have that opportunity.

  1. Stay informed. It is important to be aware of your surroundings. Get your information from reliable sources. Not all sources are based on fact. Taking precautions based on fact is necessary for survival. Panicking creates fear. Fear based decisions fuel more anxiety. Stress and anxiety are contributing factors to future dis-ease. Be the leader in your circle. People are watching your responses and leading with practicality can help uplift others in scary situations.
  2. Pray+Meditate. Right now, we need to use the power we actually have. That is using our energy for good. If you don’t pray or meditate, that’s fine. Use this time to do whatever makes you feel calm. Journaling is another thing I do that makes me feel excited and high vibe. Journal out your vision for your life.  Breathwork is something so simple and so powerful to ease anxiety. Anyone can do it. You can find tips here.
  3. Be of service. Kindness and love are freeeeeee. If you follow me on instagram, the last few days I’ve been flooding my stories with tips and positive energy because people who suffer from anxiety are at risk right now. If you’re home, it is easy to feel isolated and it helps when people check in on you. Help elderly neighbors and family who are unable to go out with whatever errands they may need to stay safe. Check in on your people. Email, write a letter, Facetime – this is a great time to utilize technology for good. Talking to your people will also uplift you. Make plans for when this crisis is over.

Whatever you choose to do, lead with love. Judging others and what they are doing or not doing will only make you feel worst. Stay safe, people.


1 thought on “3 Things to do to stay grounded during a crisis.”

  1. Wow what an inspiration, just be reading this makes me feel so much better , what also helps are the breathing techniques, thank you so much beautiful words 🙏❤️

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

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