February Spiritscopes

Hello beautiful, Sparkle is the Vow to be Fierce membership community’s power word of the month. I invite you to grab some cafecito or tea, whatever floats your boat and dig into these Spiritscopes for the month of February. Don’t forget to check your moon, rising and sun signs for a fuller picture. Grab a journal and write down what comes to you as you’re reading these spiritual messages.

Aries – you are on a mission, boo. A mission of truth. You are moving swiftly and ready to stand in your truth, unapologetically. February may bring some invitations to slow down and get grounded so you can get clarity on what it is you truly want. You must take the time to get quiet with yourself and listen to the messages trying to come through. A solution to a conflicting situation may be coming through. Stay focused. 

Taurus – Things are turning around. You may be coming out of a tough season. The world is yours, babe. Be mindful of what you want to manifest in your life. This could be a celebratory time for you after a long time of what feels like holding your breath. Do something nice for you and your loved ones. Also, something in your life is coming to an end. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This could be exactly what you need.

Gemini – Stop focusing on thinking of what needs to get done and just do and be all that you are. I’m hearing “don’t think yourself out of it”. Focus on your dreams and whatever it is that you’re building or creating. You are exactly where you need to be. Do not get distracted by outside chaos. Keep your energy sacred during this creation time. Super important for what you are birthing. 

Cancer – Things have probably felt off balance for a while. You are being called to go back to basics. Also, be the voice of reason. Your higher self is calling and you need to answer. Things from your past may present itself. Instead of seeing and doing the same thing, try taking a fresh perspective. You are so worthy of peace, my love. It’s yours for the taking. Remove yourself from what is not yours.

Leo – You have been working so so hard. Rest. It’s time to stop worrying and start believing in something bigger, something greater – your ability to love. Your heart is huge and everything you touch turns to gold. Release the pressure. Your work will speak for itself. Your energy introduces you without trying. This month, try some physical activity to relieve any unwanted energy or stress. 

Virgo – I’m sensing a new love or new friend. A new opportunity for socializing and getting out there will present yourself. Emotions are running high this month. Give yourself all the TLC you possibly can. You deserve it. I’m sensing an overwhelmingly amount of support. 

Libra – Ooh libra, can you say transformation. You are saying goodbye to a lot this month. Grieve, feel all the feelings. Death is a natural process when you’re creating room for growth. Shed those tears. You may be grieving old parts of yourself. Change is coming whether you feel ready or not. Hint: you are always ready for whatever comes your way. Embrace this change.

Scorpio – Good news is coming. Yay! I see the sun on the horizon. It’s time for a change. Something you have been waiting for is coming in a way that is truly unexpected. It’s important for you to approach this as flexible as possible. I know you like to know the ins and outs of things but I promise if you leave room for creativity and miracles, you will see one. It’s okay to feel that sun shining. 

Sagittarius – You may have been carrying around some heavy weight. Some unexpressed energy which is different for you because you’re usually pretty good at expressing your truth. Things may feel unresolved or up in the air. There might be a choice your invited to take this month. The sooner you face what you really want, the more powerful you will feel. Face your fears because you are so brave and fierce. Also, pay attention to your dreams. They may have some messages for you.

Capricorn – You’re in a powerful position for healing opportunities. Disappointment can come in the form of a relationship or friendship. Don’t be alarmed. Sometimes, not everyone is for us. Your energy is so sacred. You have to be willing to feel the hurt because it’s all part of life experience. A truth may be surfacing for you. Look deep within yourself and remember who you are and you will come out smiling.

Aquarius – Things are falling into place. They always do. Sometimes it takes longer than others. You have the power to bring balance into your world. This month is inviting you to bring stability into a situation that has cause you so much sadness. It’s time to step out of that loop and into a new state of mind. A fresh perspective. Oh and put some Mary J. Blige on and jam out. 

Pisces – My love, this is a season of peace and feeling safe again. You can step into that Queen energy. Sit outside whenever you can. I’m seeing you sit by your plants, talk to them. Allow all of the beauty around you to restore some parts that have felt off. I invite you to open your heart to receiving abundance and support. It’s all available to you. Financial worries may clear soon.  

This month, I feel called to offer an energy reading/soul session combo. If you would like to go a little deeper and tap into some messages that may be wanting to come through or get clarity on something, reach out to me to book a session. My energy readings are sacred. I provide an open, loving, judgement free space for you. This month’s offering is an energy reading using oracle and tarot as some of my tools, along with my own intuition and spirit guide. And then we get into a soul session to discuss what came up and process what came up using my life coaching tools and practice. This is helpful if you want to create an action plan or next steps for what came up for you. Sort of like a spiritual checkup. This offering is $111 for 90 minutes. Email me at kayla@vowtobefierce.com. I’m leaving room for 3 openings until the end of March.







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  1. mindyplace4888@aol.com Avatar

    Love this. wow!Rich wants a reading .U take cash app?or zelle lmklove you Titi 

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    1. Kayla Avatar

      Heyy, Yes definitely. I accept Zelle via kayla@vowtobefierce.com or CashApp $KaylaFierce.

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