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  • Meditation Mondays: Elevate Your Mind

    Meditation Mondays: Elevate Your Mind

    Hello my lovelies!!! Meditation Mondays are back! Listen to this week’s 5 minute meditation. It is POWERFUL. Gift yourself about 10 minutes this Monday to jumpstart your week. This week’s affirmations: “I am capable of handling anything that comes my way.” “I turn my pain into purpose.” “I face my fears head on because I know my […]


  • Meditation Mondays: New Series!

    Meditation Mondays: New Series!

    ** Please listen to THIS recording I made for you. It is less than 5 minutes and will guide you to get started. Meditation is simply allowing yourself the space to listen to your intuition. It’s a great tool to get the clarity you need and I created this series to introduce you to this practice so […]