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  • The VTBF movement and ways to work with me

    The Vow to be Fierce® community means so much to me. This energetic act of self love was birthed in 2014 from a place of yearning for healing and transformation in my own life. In 2014, I also became a life coach and began my process of dipping into my spiritual purpose. Along the way, […]


  • Fierce Love, Kindness and Speaking Your Truth.

    I am an advocate of kindness. A small act of kindness can dramatically change someone’s life with a smile, a phone call, or a prayer. I am a recovering people pleaser. I used to think I could be super nice or I could be mean. No in between. Two extremes. Life is not about extremes. […]

  • 3 Ways To Improve Your Life Now

    The New Year is approaching in less than 2 weeks! I’m excited.  This is the time our lifestyles could use a little sprucing up. Think about the habits you want to leave in 2014. Dream of the great things you will accomplish in 2015. If you haven’t already, figure out your word for 2015. To […]

  • What’s Your Vision?

    As we approach the ending of 2014, I’m sure we’re all in reflect mode. You know what I’m talking about.  We think about everything that went down this past year. We also make promises to do better next year. Well, I want you to fast forward a little bit. Picture the end of next year… […]