How to stop allowing fear to drive your life.

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What stops you from stepping into your most powerful self? Fear.

The pesky little four letter word that has been given so much weight.

I define fear as Fake Energy Acting Real. I’m not talking about the fight or flight response when you are in real, physical danger. That is when your body responds to real, physical danger to protect you. I am talking about that nagging feeling inside you that whispers you are not good enough. Or the voice that tells you to stay within you’re comfort zone because it is safe. This type of fear crushes your dreams. It has the power to crush your soul’s desire if you allow it to. 

Fear begins with a thought stemmed from doubt. One thought turns into another and a snowball effect takes place. Before you know it, you have thought yourself out of taking action towards the thing you want most.

I am here to remind you of your true power. That is love. Love for yourself. Love for the world around you. True love is infinite. It is limitless. It is deep within you. Once you unlock that love, you are unstoppable. You have the power to shift and to create the life you have always dreamed about.

  1. Cultivate the relationship you have with yourself. Take yourself out on dates, whether you are single or attached. Sometimes we get caught up in the life we think we are supposed to have that we forget of all the greatness within ourselves. Having a true sense of knowing how amazing you are cultivates confidence. And confidence is the key to facing your fear because you know deep inside yourself that you are capable of handling anything that comes your way.
  2. Get extremely honest about your desires. For this, you’re gonna need a journal. Ask yourself the following questions: What have I been most afraid of admitting to myself? What do I need to let go of so I can feel free to choose the life I want to live?
  3. Make friends with your fear. You’re probably like what Kayla??? Why would I want to make friends with fear? I’m trying to get as far away from it as possible. Well, the thing you run from most, will haunt you forever. Fear always has a way of catching up to you if you don’t address it. Instead of avoiding which I am all too aware of, why don’t you try facing your fear? You will see it is not so bad and a lot more manageable than you thought. I am a professional runner from fear. Raise your hands if you’re with me. What I found was when I actually stopped running and took apart the reality of the situation, it was not as scary as I had created it to be in my head. I am not saying everything is rainbows and cookies and that your fear is not valid. Your feelings are valid and should be acknowledged. What I am saying is you do not have to allow your fear to dictate your outcomes.
  4. Taking action towards your soul’s desires is the only way to truly face your fear. Here is the thing, you can read all the things on fear and how to stand up to it but the only true way is to shift your energy. To do this, you must take action towards the life you want. More doing, less questioning. That idea, that mission, that project, that relationship, that adventure is calling your name for a reason. Put action behind it without thinking about failing or succeeding and knowing that every single experience in your life is just that, an experience. A lesson or a celebration that is added to your story as you go along.

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