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Meditation Mondays: Self Expression

  Happy Monday!!! It's a rainy day here in NYC so in case you have Monday blues, I hope this week's Meditation Monday puts some pep in your step. This week's meditation prompt is about self expression. It's about becoming aware of your communication style and how to express your truth in a way that… Continue reading Meditation Mondays: Self Expression

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Meditation Mondays: How To Get What You Want

Want to know the first step to getting what you want?? Listen to this week's 5 minute meditation guide For previous meditation guides, choose below: How to Overcome Obstacles How to Declutter Your Life How to Get Started with Meditation Have a beautiful week! Kayla

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Meditation Mondays: Overcoming Obstacles

Happy Monday!!! Welcome to week 3 of Meditation Mondays, a new series I created for you to get your mind right for the week. Today's 5 minute meditation prompt is all about changing your perspective on struggle so that you can use it to move forward with your life. If you're going through a challenging… Continue reading Meditation Mondays: Overcoming Obstacles