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17 Things I’ve Learned as a Single Gal

  1. Just because you miss having a partner doesn’t mean you need one.
  2. There is so much freedom and confidence that comes with making decisions for yourself without having to think how it affects a significant other.
  3. Just because someone looks good on paper doesn’t mean he/she is your person.
  4. It can get boring. And lonely at times.
  5. You experience mixed emotions just as if you are in a relationship with someone else. The relationship you have with yourself is just as emotional, if not more.
  6. No matter how hard you try, someone’s feelings get hurt. Try not to be reckless with someone else’s heart. And forgive yourself if you do.
  7. You learn about all the things you don’t want in a relationship when observing other couples.
  8. Your goals catch fire in the best way.
  9. Being single gives you so much confidence. You question less and get really clear on who or what you want in your life.
  10. Singledom is necessary before meeting your husband/wife.
  11. Your happiness meter is solely based on you.
  12. You are forced to take a look under the hood which means you learn oh so much about your own strengths and struggles.
  13. Every single person is terrified of being vulnerable. You just have to find the right person worth opening up to.
  14. You’re not really single if you end up in situationships. You know what I’m talking about.
  15. I am still figuring out what the heck I want. And that’s okay.
  16. You can reinvent yourself every single day. There is no one checking you.
  17. Your spiritual side comes out full force. And it tells you what you have always known: the person you have been searching for is yourself.
I will tell you one thing I didn’t learn. What dating actually means. It can be very confusing this day and age. I don’t believe the hype when people say everyone is only looking to hook up though. I have met some amazing people who are interested in a genuine relationship. My advice to you is simple: Be honest. Communicate exactly what you are about. If you don’t know, learn about yourself first. No one can fault you for being true to your word.
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17 Reasons To Speak Your Truth

I always say you can speak your truth with courage and kindness. It is all in your delivery. Yes, tone matters. Yes, language is important. Your voice matters. And it’s time to shed the people pleasing layers and share what you know has been buried in your soul. Your light.
There are so many reasons to acknowledge and put voice to your truth. Here are 17 of them:
  1. Because it’s healing.
  2. Suppressed feelings control your subconscious until you acknowledge them.
  3. Because compromising your principles is no longer an option.
  4. People will never get to know who you are if you tell them only what they want to hear.
  5. Someone who confidently owns up to their desires regardless of the possibility of rejection is very attractive.
  6. Standing in your truth is one of the bravest things in the world.
  7. Because it makes you a leader. When you share your story, it creates a safer space for others to share their truth.
  8. Owning your truth is an act of power no one can take from you.
  9. Being honest about how you feel will increase your self value which then limits the bullshit you are willing to take.
  10. Your truth leads you to your purpose.
  11. Because lying about what you are going through leads to more stress, heartbreak and false identity.
  12. Your truth is unique. Absolutely no one is you so sharing who you are makes you stand apart from the crowd in a positive light.
  13. It’s liberating. When you open your heart and voice your truth, you make room for new opportunities to pour into your life. When you are honest about your values, your feelings and where you stand on important issues you tend to weed out the blocks in your life. In return, you attract exactly what you need for growth.
  14. Sharing your truth makes people trust you and see you as reliable.
  15. It makes you relatable which fosters connection. No one is perfect. Your strengths, struggles and story will touch others in a similar situation.
  16. Expressing your truth is a pillar in living a life of passion, happiness and authenticity.
  17. Because it’s time. Now is your time. Dig deep and immerse yourself in your beautiful mess. Your journey of growth into your fiercest, bravest and most beautiful self.