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Fierce Challenge: Create A Vision Board

In order to accomplish your dreams, you need to visualize them and plan accordingly. Now, could plan all you want but action is the absolute most important thing needed to get things going. Want to design your dream home, get a kick ass new job or change your state of mind? Create a vision board!… Continue reading Fierce Challenge: Create A Vision Board


Fierce Reads

This post made me want to host Women Who Rock dinners. I love this idea. It feels great to know women are empowering each other. It's easy to get caught up in the drama of our own lives and forget that others around us are going through their own challenges. This post shows the strength… Continue reading Fierce Reads

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Setting Fierce Goals and Making Decisions

Hi! I hope you completed the first Self Work cause that was an easy one. Today we are going to talk about something a little more challenging. Are you absolutely happy with where you are in life? Could it be better? The answer is yes. Life could always be better if you take the steps.… Continue reading Setting Fierce Goals and Making Decisions

Fierce September

Fierce September

Hello September! I welcome you with excitement and curiosity. What greatness are you bringing to my life this new season? I remember looking forward to the beginning of the school year because that meant new school supplies and vowing to stay organized. The nerd in me smiles. Even though I am not in school anymore… Continue reading Fierce September