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Happy Saturday, beautiful people!

It’s finally starting to feel a bit like Spring here in NYC. I see the sunshine peeking through my window and I’m excited to submit this post of great reads so I can head on out and spend the day with my mom and grandma.

I started this feature as a way of introducing you to a bunch of positive words from outside sources. If you missed the first, you can read it here.

I hope you enjoy. Have a beautiful weekend!

How not to deal with stress/anxiety

Things we do in our 20s that may help us become better parents. Interesting article.

Spring cleaning your insides.

Craving to hide out? Read this.

Fear, Comfort zones and Sally Hope

Being a leader at work

I want to print this article and post it on my bathroom mirror.

Stop being so hard. On ourselves. On others.

Wanna change your life? You have to do the work.

life stuff

Proposal Day!

New beginning quote

Today is the official first day of Spring. For those of us in New York, it’s hard to believe because we are expecting snow next week. Weather aside, I’m looking at Spring differently this year. There’s something in the wind whispering good things are coming. I’m excited. Also, today is Thursday. My not so secret favorite day of the week =)

Spring can mean different things to many people. For me, Spring represents new beginnings. Growth. A chance to click the refresh button. After this long winter, I need some rejuvenation in my life!

The other day I googled what March is known for just cause I like to google random stuff. By the way, March is Women’s History Month! Celebrate all the women you know! Anywho, In honor of Proposal Day (March 20), here is what I propose to you…

Take responsibility for your life by using the words “I choose”.

Yes, life throws us curve balls that sometimes make us want to pull our hair out. Sometimes we feel like crawling under a rock after a bad day.  Life is challenging and that’s a good thing. Those challenges and heart pumping decisions are what shape who we are and who we become. So yes, sucky moments are necessary.  They pave the way for those amazing, grateful to be alive days.

I choose to be present.
I choose to read magazines on my lunch break.
I choose to see the good in people.
I choose to be a morning person.
I choose to ignore my phone when I get home from work.
I choose to spend time with people who make me smile.
I choose to make decisions that benefit my life.
I choose to be kind to others.

Stating that you choose something is pretty powerful. It means you are in control of what you do, how you feel and what you can change if you are not happy.

What do you choose?

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the new season:
-Wear bright colors or patterns (even if the weather sucks)
-Buy yourself fresh flowers
-Do something NEW you haven’t done before
-Clean out your closet. You’ll be relieved once you’re done. I promise!
-Watching the sunrise is so peaceful.
-Go for a walk with someone special

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All kinds of love, Self reflection

Vow to be Fierce is a judgement free zone. =) Women should have a place to express themselves freely. One topic I would love to focus more on is healthy, romantic relationships. And so I invited one very fierce lady I know, Ms. Kaymara Gayle to write a lil something for us.

We always talk about being healthy or healthier i.e. working out and changing our eating habits. What about those of us who want to be emotionally healthy in a (romantic) relationship?

We all say we want a healthy relationship but are “you” the individual a healthy person?

We often let our excess baggage and past experiences affect our current relationship.  Say your ex cheated on you saying “Honey, I’m going out to play basketball” or “I’m going to the gym” at 11pm. Yes, there are gyms open late at night and you (kinda) trust this person until you find out he was cheating on you instead.  

You may think because he’s the one who cheated, he’s the only one with issues. You may think you’re fine. Wrong!

His actions impacted you emotionally. If you don’t deal with these feelings now, they will eventually creep into your future relationships without you realizing it.

So boom. You break up and you get yourself a new boo cause everyone says the way to get over a relationship is to get with someone new.

Your current significant other says he is going to play soccer with his boys. You give him an attitude and start an argument. He’s wondering where this is coming from since you’ve been off to a great start and he hasn’t given you any reason to question his word.

The trust issues are creeping in…

You may be sabotaging a potentially good relationship because you didn’t take time to heal.

Guess what? It’s time!

In the above situation, a healthier you should acknowledge and continue to process past hurts while remembering each situation is unique.

The lesson here is to judge each person as an individual. Don’t allow your past experiences to hinder you from moving forward with your life.

Thank you KG Hotsie Totsie as I like to call you, for your contribution! There is so much to be said about healing after a relationship.  I’ve learned the hard way, what it’s like to jump from one thing to the next without processing my feelings.  Self reflection is a big part of healing and moving forward. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Take Time to Heal

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Fierce Reading

Hola! March is here and I can’t say I am disappointed time is flying. I am so over this NYC weather. I am ready to kick off the hat, scarf and coat and don some nice shoesies.

Hibernation season is over! I’ve put together a few internet reads to peruse during your last days of hibernation. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy.

What’s the perfect body, really? The answer is different for everyone. Check out this article that documents the “perfect body” throughout the years.

Read this kickass article about a women turning 40.

What being a boyfriend girl is like

When things don’t go the way you planned, creating an emotional safety plan is a good idea.

7 tips to be your best self #7 truly resonates with me.

Qualities of the sexually liberated (fierce) woman.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

It’s not the easiest thing to do. Just Let go.

This article cracked me up but it’s so true.

We have to give ourselves closure.